Christian Education


New Bridges Presbyterian Church Hayward offers Bible studies and Christian education for both the adults and the youths.



New Bridges Presbyterian church has a multitude of children. At any given Sunday, the children can number from 10 to 15 and as high as 25 kids during the holidays. Their age range is from 12 months to 13 years. The children attend Sunday schools every Sunday in a separate room while the church sermon is going on. Led and coordinated by Elder Dan Gwanfogbe, we have teachers for the 0-5year olds led by Cheryl, 6-10 year olds led by Daniel and Elder TJ Toche and the 11-13 year olds led by Cecil Mosi. The children learn variety of things related to the Bible, sing songs, recite memory verses, study stories in the Bible and also follow our sunday school curriculum. We have our Christmas and Easter plays every year and all the children take turns acting different roles in the plays. After Family time in church, the children go to Sunday school.


Once in Sunday school, we all sing songs and answer any questions the children had to ask during family time. Then we separate and go to another room or Cheryl takes her group out to the play yard. The children are very interested in Bible stories and they have variety of questions related to the Bible. From the beginning of the year, we studied the creation of the world and Adam and Eve, we have studied and learned the song of Noah’s Ark. During Easter, we learned of Jesus's betrayal and Resurrection and are now studying the books of the Bible. In the midst of all these, they learn songs that they sing in church and also say memory verses.


We are fortunate to have our mother in church, Grandma Justina, assist with the plays. It is a blessing to spread the word of God to these young minds of our society and you will be fascinated as to how much they can absorb.


So if you have a child that needs a safe place to learn the word of God, New Bridges Presbyterian Church is the place for you.