Edgewater experience
“Paying Attention”

Lent is sacred season of everyday opportunities “to be awake" to what is around us. There are limits to our human nature. The Spirit of the Living God can open us to places that we avoid or often go unnoticed.
This is your invitation to enter into a sacred time. Maybe you will see more clearly the paths in your life in need of repair and restoration. The new garden waiting to be planted in your life. Take walk or listen for quiet conversation with God. It is time to notice what is going on inside of us, and around us. Discover that God is with us, no matter what. Pay Attention to the Spirit in the midst of our too busy lives.
The Spirit says slow down. Pay Attention, I’m right here. Come closer. Join us for a day time or evening opportunity.

Click on this link for "A Lenten Journey 2017"