SHP showers are an important part of life for many of our homeless.  The “regulars” are known by name and usually waiting with a “Good Morning” when we open the office.  Someone makes coffee.  Everyone signs in on the list.  Socks?...A razor?...Underwear?  requests are common.  Fresh fruit, sweet rolls, pizza are often on the table.  Folk settle down to wait their turn, drink coffee, chat, eat a little something and the day begins.   Newbies come, old timers that have not have not been around for a while show up … someone doesn’t need a shower but came by for the coffee. 

And occasionally one of them gives us money.  The first few times that happened, it was gently turned away “Thanks, but you don’t need to do that”.  But it kept happening from time to time and finally when Scott pressed two crumpled dollar bill, three quarters and a penny in my hand and said “But I need to do it for ME!” we got the point.  Now when the gifts come, we just say “Thank you”…. Proving that you are never so wise that there is nothing left to learn or we are not near as smart as we thought we were.


We had two professional barbers volunteer to provide haircuts for those who were interested (only everyone!).  There were quite a few new customers waiting their turn that Thursday; passing time in a variety of ways including doodling on scratch paper and discussing the weather.  After everyone left and I was clearing up the coffee cups and napkins I found the following hand written on a piece of lined paper.  Enjoy!

He still working on me

To make me what I ought to be

It took Him just a week

To make the moon and stars

The sun and the earth

Jupitar and Mars.

How loving and patient He must be

To still be working on me.