Pastor's Reflection...



“Sing for Praise Today”

May you celebrate this day with all your heart. Rejoice in the beauty of its light and warmth. Give thanks for the air and grass and sidewalks. Let gratitude for others faces flow into your soul. And cherish the chance to work and play, to think and speak-knowing this: All simple pleasures are opportunities for praise.

 - Simple Prayers & Blessings    Margaret Anne Huffman & Gary Wilde  


So long summer, and hello fall !

I love the changing of the seasons especially the fall or autumn. It seems the air is cooler and clearer and the lighting in the evening is colorful and beautiful. Our spirits seem to be getting ready for a new season that is not scripted and open to be filled with new opportunities, challenges, and yes, adventures. The kids are back in school and the rhythm of days step-up their pace. It’s time to settle in and “home” becomes a place of retreat to get cozy as the days get shorter. Coming home to our church and rhythm of faith is a time to build our reconnections with God, to draw close and listen, pray, and learn. Homecoming in our faith community is to rekindle our sprit of worship, praise, thanksgiving, thanking God with our gratitude for the friends and fellowship that we enjoy as a congregation together. God brings us together on purpose, with a holy purpose. Godinvites us to experience the Agape Love and friendship that Jesus offers us in knowing him. It is time to also make room in our fellowship for new people, new activity, and new ways to share God’s love among us, and with our neighbor. I pray you will join us in the start of this Homecoming season of faith, ministry and friendship. Let’s see where the Spirit is leading us.


Welcome Home long-timers and newcomers ! Christ welcomes us all.


Peace and Grace,


Pastor Carmen